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PNP scores Karapatan/CPP for deliberate lies, deceptive propaganda on political killings

Quezon City (5 September) -- The PNP scored KARAPATAN, the CPP’S human rights arm, for its deliberate lies and deceptive propaganda on the issue of “political killings” every time said group reports in the mass media that the police and the military have been responsible for the deaths of militant activists, journalist and judges since April 2001.

Investigations conducted and concluded on a number of cases of these killings point clearly to the Communist Party’s culpability and direct responsibility for the deaths of militant Bayan Muna Party list activists.

Jose Ma. Sison, as an expert Maoist propagandist has succeeded in eliminating aberrant ideologues and political activists from the ranks of open legal front organizations. The CPP’S petty-bourgeois and revisionist elements within the communist movement have been effectively disgorged through these purges.

Sison’s profound grasp of the weaknesses of the governmental system and its concomitant credibility problem served as fodders for the CPP’S propaganda machinery. To exploit this credibility problem especially of the military to the hilt, Sison ordered the NPA’S partisan units, the Sparrows, to systematically eliminate all dissenters, ideological renegades and anti-Joma elements from the ranks of the Party and its legal front organizations particularly the party-list ward leaders of Satur Ocampo of Bayan Muna and then point to the military as the culprit.

This is the gist of the Party directive to all NPA regional commands titled “Operation Bushfire”. This is the Party’s latest purging done in its ranks. Its human rights wing “KARAPATAN” bloated further the number of cases to 724 including even those victims with no direct or indirect connection with the communist national democratic movement.

The Commission on Human Rights has determined that the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing the New People’s Army were responsible for 36% of total party list militants slain since 2001.

Consider the following cases that took place in Oriental Mindoro:

1. Ramon “Bong” Ternida, Bayan Muna coordinator in Calapan City was killed on April 15, 2001 allegedly by his own uncle. Suspect Nicanor Jocson was indicted for the crime but the family of the victim executed an affidavit of desistance on July 25 and 26, 2002. This case is considered closed that also exonerated Police Chief Inspector Rodrigo Foja.

2. Constancio Gadon of Sitio Pag-asa II, Brgy Morente, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro, was killed when soldiers chanced upon four NPA guerrillas cooking their meal in the premises of the victim. A firefight ensued and Gadon was killed in the cross fire. The victim’s brother who witnessed the incident failed to attend any investigations conducted by the authorities and eventually expressed disinterest in pursuing the case putting the blame on the NPA.

3. Erwin Bacarra was killed on the night of August 1, 2001 in an encounter between the Philippine Army soldiers and a group of NPA rebels in Sitio Tigbao, Barangay Montelago, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro. Bacarra was a member of the NPA unit that soldiers had encountered.

Then this account of a clandestine anti-Joma group within the vowels of the underground communist movement exposing the truth behind the untimely deaths of three active leftist activists belonging to three CPP front organizations came to our attention through a network of cells of Party groups in Eastern Visayas.

And we quote from this account:

“It was an inevitable death for Paquito “Pax” Diaz, chairman of the Confederation for the Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees Eastern Visayas (COURAGE-EV) chapter; Atty. Felidito Dacut, Bayan Muna Eastern Visayas regional coordinator; and, Rev. Edison Lapuz, council member of the Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR)-EV.”

“The three militant political activists were sentenced to death by the leadership of Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee, and summarily executed because they have committed finance opportunism, an indefensible criminal offense under the CPP’S kangaroo justice system. The three activists have had no chance to defend themselves even before a CPP created kangaroo court of law.”

“When the regional Party committee ordered the NPA’S North Leyte Front Self Defense Force to conduct a social investigation and class analysis on Pax Diaz including the background check on Dacut and Lapuz in December 2004, the fate of the three activists was already sealed.”

“It was only a matter of time to implement the death penalty. It came at the height of the controversial series of deaths of Bayan Muna activists in the hands of unknown assailants. The dreaded Sparrow dealt the deathblows on the three activists, AND THE EASTERN VISAYAS REGIONAL PARTY COMMITTEE SWIFTLY BLAMED THE KILLINGS TO THE AFP.”

“The Party has included the three executed militant activists among the alleged victims of human rights violations committed by the military allegedly under the command of Jovito Palparan, the controversial AFP general.”

“Finance opportunism is one of the mortal sins in the communist movement. Even a core activist as a member of a legal front organization is already covered by the strictures of the Communist Party and its armed group, the New People’s Army.

“Finance opportunism is committed through extortion, unofficial solicitation of “revolutionary tax”, misrepresentation of one’s position for financial gain, malversation, pocketing of Party funds, soliciting funds from political allies without official sanction from the Party, misconduct in appropriation and disbursement of operational funds, using one’s membership or position in the movement to exert influence only for individual gains, and more that boil down to corruption now flagrantly widespread in the CPP/NPA organizations, higher and lower organs that has degraded the Party’s prestige and revolutionary morale.”

“The Party’s integrity has already been seriously impaired because of the entry of new generation of Maoist cadres and members with aberrant characters and very low level of ideological and political consciousness. Hence, it calls for the necessity to initiate another round of purges to purify the communist movement of misfits and pretenders to proletarian revolutionary principles.”

“The evidence of moral and ideological decadence is clear when the Party boasted of same-sex marriage and homosexuality being allowed to flourish among its members, officials, and Red fighters. This smacks of whole scale sex opportunism, a crime on the same level of finance opportunism and treason punishable by death.”

“Sex opportunism is widespread within the Party under the guise of political relationship. And how many Party leaders and cadres are guilty of this offense other than Ayatollah Joma Sison?”

Consider once more this bit of murder cases committed by the CPP based on the revelation of one of its leading functionaries, to wit;

On August 12, 1988 Renato Constantino @ Mong, head of the Self-Defense Unit of the National United Front Commission, was arrested in Metro Manila. At the time of his arrest, he was one of those within the Party with reformist tendencies, a political line which was then anathema to Joma Sison but secretly being carried by some members and responsible leaders. One of them was Satur Ocampo who is now the Bayan Muna Party-list representative.

Constantino disclosed that the disappearances of three prominent Bayan members were victims of “Kilusang Purga” officially code named “Operation Missing Link”. This was confirmed by the arrest of Josefino Sequi on November 25, 1988 in whose possession was found an incriminating document where the arrest, interrogation and execution of the three Party members was clearly stated as part of the operation to purge the party of suspected deep penetration agents.

The three prominent Bayan activists were:

1. Pearl Ester B. Abaya @ Ping/Penny – a full-pledge Party member, formerly the secretary of the Finance Staff of NUFC in 1987. Considered as a second liner national cadre, she however resigned as secretary of the Finance Staff because of deep emotional problems arising from an intimate relationship with Marco Palo. After her resignation from the staff, she was deployed at the Human Rights Committee as one of the leading cadres supervising the activities of the party group in PAHRA.

2. Lani S. Mercado – a full-pledge member and considered as a second liner of Edwin Lopez’s wife. She was the former secretary of the party group within the Citizens Alliance for Consumers Protection who was later deployed to the National Party Committee of Bayan as deputy secretary of Lopez’s wife. She is adept on issue analysis, integrated planning and issuance of comprehensive statements.

3. Efren B. Bonagua @ Epoy/Eming – member of the Finance Staff of the NUFC but working with Bayan as finance officer as his legal front/cover.

The extent of the CPP’S human rights violations which have been committed through these purges, i.e. the torture and execution of its own cadres, political leaders and allies in the national democratic movement, continually unravel with the discovery of several killing fields in Mindanao, Eastern and Western Visayas, Southern Tagalog, Central Luzon, and Northern Luzon.

As revelations of CPP’S atrocious human rights violations continue to mount with these discoveries and exposes, TASK FORCE USIG is calling all sectors to look into the sinister propaganda angle of the Communist movement.

This is not to shirk the Task Force’s responsibility of rendering justice thru impartial investigation the culprits behind the political killings. It wants fairness and objectivity in laying down the blame on anyone’s doorsteps sans any concrete evidence to prove the culpability of the military or any other sector on the issue at hand.

Those who project themselves as democrats and human rights advocates should look into the ideological and political content of those CPP issuances in connection with these political killings. The movement is ideologically committed, and quite vocal about it, that any means is acceptable including lies, deception, painting the government and its security forces in the blackest label as need be to advance the interest of the so-called revolution. What these liberals and pseudo-progressives inside and outside the government agencies do not recognize is that the CPP as a whole abhors liberal and progressive mind sets because these ideological standpoints are anathema to the purity of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

For its part, the Commission on Human Rights must work hard in pressuring the leaders like Jose Ma. Sison, Luis Jalandoni, Gregorio Rosal, Fidel Agcaoili, Antonio Tujan, Allan Jasminez and host of others in the legal front organizations such as Satur Ocampo, Teodoro Casino, Crispin Beltran, Lisa Masa, Joel Virador and others to come out clean with their crimes before a Truth Commission long held necessary by other progressively militant leaders and political activists.

This is the moral and political issue haunting the communist movement right now.

The deaths of those who were unjustly condemned as traitors to the movement have to be investigated by the Human Rights Commission. If the CHR investigators would have to face the consequences of their mandate to render justice to these massive human rights violation committed by the CPP/NPA/NDF --- so be it!

An extensive documentary on this will be readied including videos of killing fields pinpointed and revealed to the authorities by former rebels who escaped the brutality and inhumanity of those CPP purges. (PIA) [top]

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»PNP scores Karapatan/CPP for deliberate lies, deceptive propaganda on political killings
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