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Welcome to ATCPDE online !

Dreams are the bases of reality. The goal for a drug free ASEAN could have started as a dream. But it is dream which when worked on can become reality. This is the goal of the ASEAN Training Center for Preventive Drug Education (ATCPE).

Now housed in the main building of the College of Education of the University of the Philippines, the ATCPE has repackaged its programs to better suit the current scenario in preventive drug education at the same time acknowledging the current financial constraints that face the member countries.

The ATCPE has finally implemented the Web Site project inspite of the lack of funding. Proposed some eight years ago, this was deferred so many times. But now it is a reality. The ASEAN Web Site is expected to be the hub of the activities, programs and activities on preventive education which are implemented by the member countries. But inputs from you are crucial. We expect information from your end the soonest time possible to update the Web Site.

ATCPE has also started on researches which at the moment are national in scope but which we hope will be taken up by the other member countries. The research framework can be shared with member countries who want to embark on a similar endeavor.

ATCPE has also prepared training programs which, like the research, will be tried out on a national level but which can be shared with the members. Training can be conducted at the Center or in house with a small core of mobile training team who can go around the member countries. This modality will turn out to be more cost efficient since travel and accommodation expenses can be minimized and more participants can be trained.

Modules have been prepared for these training packages:

  • Preventive drug education at the workplace
  • Community based preventive drug education
  • Development of a Web Site on Preventive Drug Education

Similarly, the Center has embarked on a research on "State of the Art on Preventive Drug Education" and "Best Practices on Preventive Drug Education."

Since collaboration is the mode of all our programs, all member countries can link for the training programs or for the researches which have started.

The ATCPE is optimistic that more will join in and we can, once again, establish stronger linkages and implement collaborative programs.


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The ASEAN Training Center for Preventive Drug Education (ATCPDE)
College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
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