World Day for Audio Visual Heritage 2015
Archives at Risk - Protecting the World's Identities

27 October: World Day for Audio Visual Heritage
WDAVH Activities
Country Events:
FIAF Affiliates' Celebrations on 27 October 2015
Catalonia National Library blogs on WDAVH
TVUASLP reports on WDAVH Celebration
EYE filmmuseum Amsterdam bares websites for WDAVH
ABS-CBN launches 'Save Our Films' advocacy
Blog: Audiovisual archives, the next ten years
Netherlands shares experience as Trusted Digital Repository
RTVC Colombia honors WDAVH with 'Memory Signal' Program
WDAVH at TIFF Film Reference Library: Exhibition and Films
Girona lines up WDAVH activities, issues special declaration
AMGr commemorates "Dia Mundial del Patrimoni Audiovisual"
Tokyo Film Preservation Society issues WDAVH Bookmark
Manila remembers "Giliw Ko" restoration with NFSA help
ABS-CBN restoration of "Ganito Kami Noon" film now on iTunes
Dubai Museum seeks collaboration
Lebanon FLC federates audiovisual sector
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Tokyo Film Preservation Society issues WDAVH Bookmark

For this year's WDAVH, Tokyo Film Preservation Society prepared a bookmark (see below), designed by our member, Haruka Aiso. In conjunction with the Global Super8 Day and Home Movie Day, it shows the two different formats (regular 8mm and super8), and also the message "please do not throw your films away" in four languages - Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.

This will be distributed at Home Movie Day venues in Japan and other related occasions.

By: Kae Ishihara
Film Preservation Society, Tokyo
TEL 81-(0)3-3823-7633 FAX 81-(0)3-5809-0370
Twitter @filmpres

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