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UNESCO launches new logo for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
New logo for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage © UNESCO


For 2012, texts, photos, web and email links, and even copyright-cleared sound and video clips about events celebrating World AV Day may be sent to: webmanager@iasa-web.org.

Welcome to World Day for AV Heritage Site
News and Country Updates
  • Denmark state library releases YouTube clip on Ruben Collection
  • Australia's AIATSIS showcases Audiovisual Archive on World Day
  • Ireland Professor Conducts Special Lecture on World AV Day
  • Hellenic National Audiovisual Archive does trimedia campaign on AV heritage
  • Philippine Information Agency releases YouTube documentary on restoration of 1939 movie "Giliw Ko"
  • Barbados university campus holds exhibit on AV materials
  • National Library of Serbia presents short YouTube movie on oldest sound recordings
  • Video Active celebrates UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage with new documentary by Péter Forgács
  • SEAPAVAA launches AV Archives Bulletin Special Edition for World AV Day
  • AMIA releases special poster for World AV Day
  • University of the Philippines students produce MOW documentaries
  • Philippines toasts local cinema in AV Day celebration
  • Your Help is Required in Distributing the Audiovisual and Multimedia Legal Deposit Survey
  • Philippine Information Agency holds screening of 1939 movies for World AV Day on October 27
  • Singapore's Asian Film Archive uploads YouTube clip, holds "In Conversation with Filmmakers" series for World AV Day
  • AMIA Launches YADA! (Your Archive Deserves Advocacy!)
  • Spain invites AV archivists to conference on Gironi model
  • National Library of Norway screens silent movie on World Day
  • Thailand PRD, NFA conduct 4th World Day for AV Heritage
  • Indonesia holds weeklong film showing for World Day for AV Heritage
  • Singapore's Asian Film Archive Holds Forum and Launches Advocacy Campaign Videos
  • Friends of NFSA Australia launch Argonauts Register Website on World Day
  • Switzerland Observes World AV Day
  • Norwegian Sound Archive Conference 2009
  • Cambodian Sound and Musical Heritage
  • National Library of Serbia Movie on Sound Heritage
  • Slovenia broadcasts history of Slovenian TV
  • British Library Special Events on WDAVH
  • Austria Meets on Digital Access to Archives
  • University of Malaya Holds Colloquium on AV Archives
  • Spain's Contributions to World AV Day
  • Italy's Cineteca di Bologna presents "Editions Catalogue 2009"
  • Japan Film Preservation Society's first animation restoration
  • SOFIA Philippines joins World Day for AV Heritage
  • Hong Kong Film Archive: "Early Treasures" Film Screening
  • Lao Department of Cinema: Home Movie Competition
  • Brazil Celebrates 2009 UNESCO World AV Archive Day
  • FOCAL International, British Film and Television Academy jointly celebrate UNESCO World Day for AV Heritage
  • A Call to Action

    World experts have expressed confidence in saving the world's AV heritage when the Coordinating Council of AV Archives Associations (CCAAA) adopted during its annual meeting the theme "Fading Heritage: We Can Save It" for this year's celebration of the World Day for Auvio-Visual Heritage on October 27.

    AV documents, which are characteristic of the 20th and 21st centuries, have immense and far-reaching influences in the everyday lives of people around the world. Yet, due to their fragility, much has been lost and continue to be lost.

    UNESCO declared October 27 as the World Day for AV Heritage to raise awareness of the significance of AV documents and to draw attention to the need to safeguard them. Every year, activities are organized by different institutions worldwide around a theme to drum up interest in the event.

    This year's celebration started with the search for the World Day logo which was launched in July and ended August 31. Two-hundred fifty entries worldwide were received and shortlisted by UNESCO. The winner will be selected by a committee composed of representatives of the CCAAA member-NGOs. The winning entry will be announced on October 27 at the UNESCO and the CCAAA websites.

    A website, organized around the theme "Fading Heritage: We Can Save It" will be accessible through the CCAAA website (www.ccaaa.org). This will contain news, editorial, messages, and articles on activities for the events organized worldwide, audio and video clips of restored AV documents, tips on AV document preservation, links to the Memory of the World (MOW) programme, and listings of significant AV documents in the MOW registers.

    All CCAAA NGOs and member-institutions are enjoined to actively participate in this year's celebration.

    Rationale for a Logo
    For greater impact, both UNESCO and the CCAAA have recognized the need to come up with a logo to give the celebration its own identifiable brand. See details
    Significant AV Heritage List
    1. Original Negative of the Noticiero ICAIC Lationamericano
    2. José Maceda Collection
    3. Brahms Collection
    4. The Appeal of 18 June 1940
    5. Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore (1912-1947)
    6. Radio Broadcast of the Philippine People Power Revolution
    7. Dainu Skapis - Cabinet of Folksongs
    8. Kalman Tihanyi's 1926 Patent Application "Radioskop"
    9. The Historical Collections (1889-1955) of St. Petersburg Phonogram Archives
    10. Early cylinder recordings of the world's musical traditions (1893-1952) in the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv
    11. The Historical Collections (1899 -1950) of the Vienna Phonogrammarchiv
    12. The Masterpieces of Fryderyk Chopin
    13. Traditional Music Sound Archives


    1. John Marshall Ju/'hoan Bushman Film and Video Collection, 1950-2000
    2. Neighbours, animated, directed and produced by Norman McLaren in 1952
    3. UNRWA Photo and Film Archives of Palestinian Refugees
    4. The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)
    5. The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming 1939), produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    6. The Battle of the Somme
    7. "METROPOLIS" -Sicherungsstück Nr. 1: Negative of the restored and reconstructed version 2001
    8. John Marshall Ju/'hoan Bushman Film and Video Collection, 1950-2000
    9. Audiovisual documents of the International antinuclear movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk"

    See details

  • Special Site for 2009 World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage
    "Fading Heritage : We Can Save It"